What is the Basic Information That Needs to be Gathered for Latency Troubleshooting?

What is the basic information that needs to be gathered for latency troubleshooting?

What information should I gather to report a latency / lag issue?


When reporting a latency issue, it is important to capture the information below:

  • Internet Service Provider - The ISP which you use to connect to the Internet. (Example: Comcast, AT&T, Surewest, etc)
  • What type of connection is being used. (Example: T1, Cable, DSL, etc)
  • Location - Your physical location. (Example: Sacramento, CA)
  • Traceroute:
    • How To Do a Traceroute in Windows:
      1. Do one of the following:
      • On Windows 7: Go to the Start menu, then type cmd into the Start Search or Search programs and files field and press enter.
      • On Windows 10: Type cmd in the Type here to search field on the taskbar, then press the enter key.
      1. Type the following command in the Command Prompt: tracert [sitename].webex.com (Example: tracert abc.webex.com).
      2. Press Enter.

        You will see a series of numerical rows or may see rows full of asterisks (*) after the trace is complete.
      3. Copy the content from the Command Prompt:
        1. In the top left corner of the Command Prompt window click the MS DOS (it is usually displayed as C:\) icon.
        2. Select Edit > Select All.
        3. Click on the MS Dos icon again, then select Edit > Copy.
        4. Open Microsoft Notepad or Word, then select Edit > Paste.
        5. Save the file.
  • Speedtest results from a site such as http://www.speedtest.net

After gathering the information above, contact Webex Technical Support for further assistance, see:

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