I was Disconnected from My Meeting

I was disconnected from my meeting.

My connection to the meeting keeps dropping.

I keep getting disconnected from my meeting.

I'm having a problem staying connected to my meeting.


If you are disconnected from your meeting, join again using the link in your email invitation, or join directly from the Webex site. As long as the meeting is still in progress you should be able to join again.

To minimize disconnects in your Webex meetings:

  • Avoid connecting through:
    • Wireless connections
      • Instead use a hard-wired Internet connection, by plugging directly into your router or modem. This will give you a faster connection with minimal disconnects.
    • VPN connections
      • If your connecting through a VPN, try disconnecting, and connect directly to the Internet
    • Satellite connections, which are not supported by Webex.
    • Wi-Fi hot spots

If you still are experiencing disconnects on a wired connection:

If none of the above solutions helps to resolve the problem, and your ISP has confirmed they are not having issues, contact technical support. See: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?

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