'Failed' Error when Trying to Link Webex Users to Webex in Control Hub with Directory Connector Enabled

'Failed' Error when Trying to Link Webex Users to Webex in Control Hub with Directory Connector Enabled


Administrators can link their Webex Sites in Control Hub, as explained here: Link Cisco Webex Sites to Control Hub.

If the admin attempts to link their Webex Meetings users to Webex with Directory Connector enabled, they may receive a 'Failed' error for some users, as shown below:

User-added image

To correct the problem, please disable Directory Synchronization from Directory Connector before trying to link the users.

To solve the problem and link the users:

  1. Disable the directory synchronization from the Cisco Directory Connector.
  2. Follow the Convert Unlicensed Users in Cisco Webex Control Hub procedure to convert any users from free consumer organizations to your company organization.
This step adds the user to your organization and the account appears in Cisco Webex Control Hub. Cisco Directory Connector makes Active Directory the single source of truth for user accounts and the goal is to have an exact match between Active Directory and Cisco Webex Control Hub. Ensure that there are matching users in Active Directory for any recently-converted users before reenabling synchronization. A Dry Run sync can be used to ensure that there are no remaining unmatched users.
  1. On the Cisco Directory Connector, do a dry run synchronization. When the dry run completes, check the Add Objects tab. Verify that any users that you converted are not deleted.
You must do a dry run before re-enabling synchronization to make sure that any converted user accounts appear in Active Directory. If you turn on synchronization and accounts only reside in Cisco Webex Control Hub, Cisco Directory Connector is case-sensitive and deletes converted users that it detects with mismatching email addresses (for example, user1@example.com and User1@example.com).
If any converted users are deleted, they lose all their Webex spaces.
  1. When you are sure that the next synchronization will not remove any accounts, re-enable directory synchronization from the Cisco Directory Connector.
For detailed instructions and help, see: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cloudCollaboration/spark/hybridservices/directoryconnector/cmgt_b_directory-connector-guide-admins/cmgt_b_directory-connector-guide-admins_chapter_0111.html

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