Unable to join meeting/audio due to certificate issues

Users unable to join/start meetings/computer audio in meetings in multiple regions

Users are unable to join Meeting/Audio in multiple regions from a desktop.

The symptoms include :
  • Start/join failures for US clusters
  • Unable to share screen during.
  • Unable to sign in from control hub.

For users unable to sign into Control Hub from Firefox, try using Chrome.

Follow the instruction below if you receive error on not trusting the new HydrantID cert from a desktop:

  1. Verify if the following certificate is present on your computer: QuoVadis Root CA2 (download link: https://www.quovadisglobal.com/QVRepository/DownloadRootsAndCRL/QuoVadisRootCA2-PEM/)
  2. If the certificate is missing, please contact your IT Helpdesk for help with adding these certificates.
  3. If the above certificates are present, the network administrator must allow the following: *.quovadisglobal.com.
For certificate issues when joining a meeting from Devices and Expressway please refer to New Root Certificate Authority for Cisco Webex Services from March 2021

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