Webex Setup Assist for Webex Contact Center Support Services

Webex Setup Assist for Webex Contact Center Support Services

The guide is for customers who have purchased Webex Setup Assist for Webex Contact Center via specific solutions channels. To request technical support and services, refer to the applicable service descriptions at service descriptions, incorporated herein by reference.
When you receive this document, customers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the process. Taking proactive steps to set up access can assist better if urgent technical support is needed.
If you have an urgent support request, please call TAC immediately. The Cisco TAC is staffed 24/7: Cisco Worldwide Contacts.

  • Valid Cisco.com User ID (CCO ID).
  • Registration is free and takes only 2 minutes: click here.
Note: Make sure to activate your Cisco profile by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email.
Best Practices:
Guidelines can help you optimize your experience:
  • Provide an accurate problem description and problem details.
  • Have a network topology or high-level design specification handy.
  • Provide the output from show tech or relevant error message(s).
  • Provide steps to reproduce (if available).
  • Software version.
  • Get familiarized with using Cisco Self-Service tools.
  • Subscribe to the Cisco Support Notification Service to receive the latest updates about your software and products.
  • Monitor case progress through the Technical Support Mobile Application or support.cisco.com.
  • Capture all communication with Cisco TAC by copying your emails to attach@cisco.com and including your service request (SR) number in the subject field.
  • Review Cisco Severity and Escalation guidelines.
  • Please review the information in the next section to open a case for a Move, Add, Change, or Delete (MACD).
Webex Contact Center Setup Assist MACD Guidance 
Webex Contact Center Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACD) guidance is provided with Solution Support and Premium Support. MACD guidance requests can be placed Online, by Phone, Email, or Mobile App. MACD guidance can achieve quicker outcomes for minor changes or limited customer impact. 

Solution Support MACD Guidance:
Cisco will make a commercially reasonable best effort to complete a request for guidance according to standard TAC SLA. 
Email, video tutorials, or a scheduled Webex meeting can address MACD guidance requests.  
The customer should be ready to provide all the information required (Pre-Requisites) to fulfill the MACD guidance request.  

Below are examples of what customers can expect Cisco support for:
Control Hub Contact Center MACD Guidance
MACD GuidancePre-Requisites
Manage Users
  • Activation Email for new user
  • Resend Activation Email
  • Manage CC User licenses
  • Modify CC User Details
  • Deactivate CC User
User Details
  • Email
  • User ID
  • User Details Info
  • User Privileges Required
The requester must have a proper authorization level to request the changes.

Webex Contact Center Administration portal MACD Guidance
MACD GuidancePre-Requisites
  • Enable user as CC center agent.
  • Create and modify user, agent, skills, and multimedia profiles.
  • Create and modify teams. 
  • Create and modify sites.
  • Agent & Users mapping to sites, teams, and profiles.

User Details 
  • Email
  • User ID
Site names
  • Names of skills
  • Details on skills.definitions teams
  • Profiles (agent & users)
  • Usernames
Call Management MACD Guidance
MACD Guidance Pre-Requisites
  • To create an entry point and map it to the configured dialed number.
  • Create a routing strategy (R/S) and map it to the existing flow.
  • To create a queue and assign it to an existing Skill-based or Longest Available Agent strategy.

Names of entry points and details of dialed numbers.
The Schedule for Routing Strategy (R/S) configuration requires a time zone. If the specific tenant time zone is needed should be called out—routing flow to execute the task.
Queue configuration requests will require these parameters.
  • Service Level Threshold
  • Maximum Time in Queue
  • Default Music in Queue
  • Team’s details and the order should be in the distribution group
Out dial Management MACD Guidance
MACD GuidancePre-Requisites
Create, edit, and delete out dial ANI.ANI Number
Bulk Operation MACD Guidance
MACD GuidancePre-Requisites
The bulk process to create, modify, and delete fields of the entities.
Accurate CSV or zip file  
Details are available at Click here.
MACD Guidance Services Out of Scope 

The following request is out of scope and cannot be managed through MACD Guidance Requests.
MACD GuidanceRequest Out of Scope
Control Hub
  • Webex Calling Service and associated settings
  • Telephony Settings – Add Numbers in Webex Calling Service
  • Add/modify Dialog flow Agent
  • Contact Center Connectors
  • Digital Channel set up other resources
Contact center Management portal 
  • Webex CC Tenant Provisioning specific settings
  • Call flow development and updates
  • Create and edit routing flows
  • Business Rules
  • Dial Plan
  • Telephony and PSTN Settings
  • Agent Devices
  • Customer Premise Equipment
Contact Center Add-Ons
  • WFO
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • Google CCAI
Open a Support Case:
  • ONLINE: Open a case online.
    • Best for non-urgent issues (Severity 3 or 4) 
    • Use the below steps to initiate your case: 
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