How Do I Generate a Dump Log for Application Sharing Using WBX Tracer?

The WBX Tracer utility gathers logs in a live session related to 'in meeting' issues. It is used for diagnosing various meeting issues like application crashing, teleconference issues, and meeting connection issues (chat, polling, multimedia, NBR).

How do I generate a dump log for application sharing using WBX Tracer?

How do I create a dump log for issues experienced during application sharing?

Can I create a dump file to report issues experienced during application, desktop, or file sharing?


The WBX Tracer dump log is used for diagnosing issues during Application, Desktop and File sharing.

To generate a dump file using WBX Tracer:
  1. Go to Cisco Webex and 3rd Party Support Utilities
  2. Click on the WBX Tracer link.
  3. Click on the Download link.
  4. Click the Save File button.
  5. Open the downloaded wbxtracer.exe application.

    The wbxtracer window appears.
  6. Start a Webex session.
    • Important - In order to capture a dump log, either record the meeting or have an attendee join the meeting.
  7. Share Application, Share My Screen, or Share File.
  8. Reproduce the issue which you need to report to Webex support.
  9. Click on the Tools/Options drop-down in the menu bar, and then click on Stop Capture:

    User-added image
  10. Click on the Open/Save/Manage File drop-down in the menu bar, and then click on Save dump file:

    User-added image
  11. Save the file locally on the computer.
  12. Share the dump log with Webex support for diagnosing issues.

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