Hot Desking allows your organization to make the best use of office space. People using shared workspaces can sign in and book a shared phone for their workday.

Make sure that the Hot Desking feature is enabled on the shared phones. By default, the primary line of the user is used for Hot Desking. You can add more lines to the Hot Desking profile of your users.

Enable Hot Desking for your phone

The phones with the Hot Desking feature enabled show a QR code on the screen. The user can sign in by scanning the QR code and book the device to use as their personal phone.

After the user signs in and books the device, the phone is reprovisioned with their own directory number (DN). If configured, the user's Webex calendar and call history also load onto the phone. If not signed in, the user can still use the workspace DN to make and answer calls.

When the booking duration ends, the user is automatically signed out and the phone will be provisioned back to the workspace device for others to book. However, the user can also end the booking earlier by manually signing out via the phone or through the mobile or desktop version of Webex App. After sign-out, all user information will be cleared.

If there's an active call on the phone when the booking duration expires, the auto sign-out won't happen until the call ends. Remind your users to end all calls before they leave. They can't sign out via Webex App when the phone is on a call.

Follow these steps to enable the Hot Desking feature on a workspace phone:

Before you begin

Your Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series with Multiplatform Firmware has registered to Webex Calling as a shared device in a workspace. See Add a phone to a new workspace for the instructions.


From the customer view in Control Hub, go to Management > Workspaces, and then select your phone.


On the Scheduling tab, choose Hot desking as the scheduling option.


Click Save.

After the configuration is successfully applied, the phone shows a QR code on the screen.

Configure the Hot Desking profile for users

By default, the user's primary line is used for Hot Desking. You can add more lines for the user to use on a shared phone.


From the customer view in Control Hub, go to Management > Users, and then select the user.


In the Between-user permissions section on the Calling tab, select Hot Desking.


Click Configure lines.


Click the plus icon on Line 2 and choose the desired directory number to add.

By default, the user's primary line takes Line 1. If you need to set both Line 1 and Line 2 as primary lines, click the plus icon on Line 1.

Repeat Step 4 to add more lines.


Click Save.