Before you begin

To access call-associated variables (CAD), accept a call request and be on an active call.


Click within the text box of an editable field and enter an appropriate value. For example, enter a case number or an action code.


You can enter a maximum of 256 characters for a CAD variable value.

You can do the following:

  • To change an existing value, select the value and overwrite it with a new value.

  • To copy a CAD variable value, hover over it and click .

  • To select a date and time, click or click on the field associated with the date.

  • When consulting or transferring, agents could try to change the same CAD variable. When this happens, Desktop accepts whichever value was saved first, and notifies the other agents.

  • When editing a CAD variables corresponding to date and time, follow the supported international standard (yyyy-mm-dd) in order to save the variable value.


(Optional) If the secure variable values display an asterisk (*) symbol, select Click to retry to view their values.


You may need to wait a little for the system to show the updated CAD variable values based on the routing configuration or events in Flow Designer. Saving the CAD variable values is subject to network availability and other operational considerations.

  • If your updates don't save, an error message appears to save again.

  • Click Revert to retrieve the previously saved values.