Webex for BroadWorks is a new offering from Cisco that provides your BroadWorks calling customers with Webex collaboration features. Subscribers use a single Webex app for chatting, making calls, and hosting and joining meetings.

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This article is intended for Service Provider administrators managing Webex for BroadWorks on behalf of your customers. For end-user features, see What's New in Webex.

For technical documentation, see the Webex for BroadWorks Knowledge Portal.

May 2024

We will announce new features as they become available.

April 2024

Pro Pack Available

Pro Pack will be included with the Standard or Premium Package for newly provisioned customers. For a pro pack to be applied to the organization, at least one user in an organization must be provisioned with at least one Standard or Premium Package.

Webex Suite Meetings Platform

Webex is enhancing the meeting platform to the Webex Suite meeting platform. This platform improves and simplifies hybrid work across the entire Webex Suite, and incorporates AI-based experiences, with common architecture, administration, and integrations. The new platform converges the meeting experience across Webex applications and devices and delivers continuous collaboration before, during, and after the meeting. To check if you are on this new platform and read about key changes, and new, and forthcoming features. For more information, see Webex Suite meeting platform.

Enhancements for multi-call window—Windows

We're renaming the multi-call window to Calling dock. The window can now be docked to the edge of your screen to temporarily hide the window. You’re still notified when you have incoming calls or other notifications. For more information, see Webex App | Manage all your phone calls in one place.

March 2024

Email Customization for Activation Emails

Allows partners to include their own Terms of Service and Privacy Statement links in the activation emails. Webex CI Authentication Only.

Custom Tags

Partner admins with >1000 customer organizations can leverage custom labels to easily identify and group customers of interest, subscription, or partner OSS/BSS native identifiers.

February 2024

Spam Call Indication in Call History

Visual indication in Webex App call history that the call was suspected SPAM.


Slido is now on by default for all customers (except in Canda & Japan due to data residency restrictions). Users can now login user their user credentials and use Slido as their polling and Q&A tool in meetings.

BroadWorks Password expiration notification at login

Improved user experience for customers who are using BroadWorks Authentication and have BroadWorks password expiration in place. Users will be notified on the login screen that their password will expire in 'x' number of days.

January 2024

Partner APIs for Customer Management (group contacts)

Allows partners to manage contacts in the Webex Cloud, which will help address the need to manage group contacts better.

December 2023

Automatic hold for transfer

This enhancement will place calls on hold as soon as a user initiates a transfer, preventing the caller from hearing background noise as the user is making the transfer.

Multi-line Hold Resume across users

Allows users who have shared line functionality to put a call on hold and have it resumed by another user on the same shared line.

October 2023

MNO: Attended Transfer Support

Ability to complete the attended transfer using a native dialer.

September 2023

Transfer calls to an active call—Windows and Mac

When you’re juggling lots of calls, you’ll have an option to transfer a call to somebody you’ve put on hold.

Meetings associated with a space - Windows, Mac, Linux, VDI, iPhone, iPad, and Android

Meetings associated with a space have been improved! We’ve enriched your meetings experience in a space. Now, when you join or schedule a meeting in a space, you have access to all the features you’ve come to enjoy in Webex Meetings. You can leverage this new experience in every meeting you schedule or join from here on in. To schedule or start a meeting in a space, you must have a Webex Meetings license and be in the same organization as the person who created the space. Without a license, you only have the capability to join meetings.

For more information, see Webex App | Improved meetings associated with a space.

August 2023

Automated Cisco to BYOPSTN migration

Provides the ability to move existing customer orgs from Cisco PSTN to BYOPSTN and keep all other existing meeting site configurations.

Directory Search Service Support for MPP

Enables searching Webex contacts on MPP devices .

July 2023

Partner APIs for Customer Management

Allows partners to manage contacts in the Webex Cloud, will help address the need to better manage organizational contacts.

June 2023

Show active calls as an option to transfer (Mobile, Desktop)

When transferring a call you will now have the option to transfer to another active call that is on hold.

May 2023

Country Specific call-in number for Webex Meetings

The provisioning API will automatically set a default Dial In a number which matches the country defined in the API payload.

April 2023

Monitor Busy Lamp Field (BLF) list with Call Pickup Support

Intended for power users that need to see the Busy Lamp Field list open at all times and use one-click operations like call user or pick up a call from this list. Will display both Webex and calling only users and their hook status.

Directory Search Service Support for RoomOS

Enables searching Webex contacts on RoomOS devices.

Unified Call History on RoomOS

RoomOS device call history displays call made from the user's Webex Devices and Webex App.

March 2023

Mobile Calling Widgets for Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Deployments

The new mobile calling widgets provide iOS and Android users with quick access to key calling features: Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, Call History, and Call Queue settings for agents. Available on iOS and Android.

February 2023

Group Level Contacts

Increase group level contact limits from 1,500 to 30,000.

Partner SSO Enhancement Options

Add support for oAuth/OpenID Connect IDP to the Partner SSO options. This is in addition to the currently supported SAML IDP.

Billing support for BYoPSTN

Provides enhancement to BroadWorks CDRs that includes information that will allow partners to bill customers for usage of the “call back” feature in meetings.

Move Call to Meetings for Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Deployments

This feature adds the ability for users to easily move an active 1 on 1 call on a mobile network to a meeting. Once moved to a meeting, add video, sharing, participants, and utilize full meetings functionality.

Support Cisco MPP 8875 on Webex for Broadworks

The new MPP 8875 video phone has these features:

  • Rich Webex Calling feature support.

  • Onboarding to Webex Cloud for serviceability features such as Reboot and remote PRT.

  • Initial Webex Meetings integration with One button to join and view the participant list.

For more information, see Cisco Video Phone 8875.

Webex Unified Call History for Webex Aware MPP Devices

MPP device call history displays calls made from the user's Webex Devices and Webex App.

January 2023


December 2022


Increase enterprise contact limits from 500 to 30,000.

Shared Line Appearance

Users can make and receive calls and use most mid-call features on any line they are configured to use.

Call Queue Login/Logout Native on Webex Mobile Apps

Agents can quickly set the status and join queues available to them.

November 2022

Disable Callback for Existing Organizations

This feature gives Service Providers that deploy the Bring Your Own PSTN solution the option to request disabling the Meeting Callback option for existing meeting organizations. Organizations that deploy this option will retain the Meeting Call-in option as well as VoIP (computer audio).

Noise Removal for PSTN Calls

This feature lets Webex callers cancel any noise coming from external callers with the click of an icon in the calling window enhancing the call experience and allowing for clear communications.

Provision and Display both the Primary phone number and extension for a user

Enhance the provisioning methods to support both primary and extension numbers for a Subscriber. Webex App displays both the Phone number and extension in the user profile, contact cards, and calling actions.

October 2022

Call Queue Outbound CLID (Desktop)

This feature allows call center agents to select their Caller ID to be one of the call queues they are a part of for making follow-up calls.

August 2022

Support Language Locales

During provisioning, the language that was assigned in BroadWorks to the first provisioned administration user gets assigned automatically as the default locale for that customer organization. This setting determines the default language used for activation emails, meetings, and meeting invites under that customer organization.

Native Call Queue Login

This feature lets users access their call queues with fewer clicks. Users can join or unjoin call queues and change their queue status right from the footer of the Webex App. Support is for Windows and Mac.

Pre-provisioning System Check

Run this API before provisioning to ensure that provisioning succeeds with no issues. The API checks the customer setup and highlights potential issues such as domain issues and email issues, before you provision customers and subscribers.

July 2022

Unified Presence for Room OS

This feature adds the following benefits:

  • Webex for BroadWorks users who enable the RoomOS integration can see the presence status of people in RoomOS

  • Users can see their own presence as well. This presence view is consistent across the Webex App and other Cisco Webex devices and phones.

  • The Room OS device is included in Do Not Disturb Sync. DND updates sync between the RoomOS device, the Webex App and the BroadWorks backend.

Remote Control by External Application

Extend calling capabilities for third-party applications.

If you're deploying Contact Center, Receptionist thin client, or a third-party app that doesn't have calling, users can use the Webex App to add calling capability. Users can place calls, answer calls, and put calls on hold using the third-party application, all while the Webex App runs in the background. For this feature to work, the Webex App must be the primary calling device. Support is for Windows and Mac.

To use this feature, you must set the %ENABLE_REMOTE_CONTROL_EVENTS_WXT% tag to true (the default value is false). For details, see the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Configuration Guide.

Partner Read-only Administrator

This new role provides users in a partner organization with read-only access to Partner Hub settings, and to Control Hub settings for customer organizations that the partner manages. However, the administrator does not have edit access to either portal. This role helps in situations where a user may need basic access for tasks such as viewing analytics or upsell opportunities, but their position does not require them to manage settings. For more information, see the following article: https://help.webex.com/en-us/article/2y8qmt/Partner-Administrator-Roles-for-Webex-for-BroadWorks-and-Wholesale-RTM

June 2022

Multi Call Window

The new Multi Call Window shows all calls in the Webex App from a single window. This feature helps users who handle several calls at the same time or who use the Executive-Assistant service and can monitor an assistant’s or executive’s calls. The feature provides a summarized view of all their calls from a single window. This feature is supported as of Release 42.6 of the Webex App. See Webex App | Manage all your phone calls in one place for an article that users can follow to configure the feature on the Webex App.

May 2022

Device Integration for Room OS and MPP Devices

Webex for Cisco BroadWorks introduces device integration with Room OS and MPP devices:

  • Room OS—This solution lets Room OS Webex Devices (shared and personal) register with both Webex and BroadWorks using a single activation code that you provision on BroadWorks. The solution combines optimized meeting experiences along with SIP calling. Device support includes the current Room OS portfolio (Room and Room Kit series, Desk series, and Board series).

  • MPP—This solution lets Webex-capable MPP devices connect with the Webex cloud and access Webex services. The solution provides a consistent and intuitive user experience across the Webex App and MPP Phones for Webex for Cisco BroadWorks users. Support is for Cisco 88xx series phones.

In addition to onboarding, the enhanced serviceability feature lets administrators service Room OS and MPP devices from Control Hub directly. Administrators can open a device view that includes device status information along with options to reboot the device remotely or send a problem report for troubleshooting.

As part of this new integration, we are introducing the Device Integration Guide for Webex for Cisco BroadWorks. This guide contains procedures that describe how to onboard and service Room OS and MPP devices for Webex for Cisco BroadWorks.

Disable Screen Sharing in Webex App

Partner administrators can now disable screen sharing within calls that use the Webex App. Webex App users will not be able to share their screen, or receive a screen share from other users. You can disable screen sharing by setting the %ENABLE_SCREEN_SHARE_WXT% configuration tag to false (the default setting is true). For more information, see the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Configuration Guide.

Remove Participant from Conference

This feature lets a Webex App user who starts an ad hoc conference remove any participant from the conference. The Webex App user can view the participant list, select any user, and then remove that user from the conference. See Webex App | Remove someone from a conference call for a procedure that users can follow.

April 2022

Partner-Level Release Management

Partners can use Release Management to control the Webex App release frequency for desktop. The release frequency options are:

  • Automatic—Follows Cisco release schedule

  • Latest (Every Month)—Deferral of up to four weeks

  • Slow (Every Quarter)—Deferral of up to 12 weeks

Partner administrators have a number of options:

  • Partners can apply a schedule to all of their customer organizations.

  • Partners can allow customer organizations to override the partner-level setting.

  • With custom schedules, administrators can allow individual users to follow the Cisco latest schedule.

For details, see Release Management Customizations.

Do Not Disturb (DND) Sync

DND Sync aligns Webex DND functionality with telephony DND from BroadWorks. Whether you set DND from the Webex App or from a desk phone, the DND status syncs to the other platform. DND Sync ensures that DND functionality remains consistent across all devices and platforms.

For details, see Do Not Disturb (DND) Sync in the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Solution Guide.

March 2022

Directory Sync API Improvements

API improvements give partner administrators more flexibility in managing Directory Sync and in triggering on-demand syncs. Following are the updates:

  • Administrators can now run an API sync simultaneous to a scheduled sync from the same BroadWorks. This update means that an administrator can trigger an on-demand sync via the API knowing that it won't conflict with a scheduled sync. However, note that you still cannot run more than one scheduled sync or more than one API sync from the same BroadWorks at the same time.

  • Directory sync now includes a public API that lets you sync individual directory entries for non-Webex subscribers.

  • Mobile phone numbers are now included in the sync.

Mobile Number Sync

This feature update adds the syncing of mobile numbers from BroadWorks to Webex. Once synced, the mobile number is available in the user contact profile or via contact search in the Webex App. Support includes both Webex-enabled users and calling-only BroadWorks users. Mobile numbers are synced in the following scenarios:

  • Flowthrough Provisioning

  • Self-Activation

  • API Provisioning

  • Directory Sync

Midcall Features for Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Deployments

This feature adds the following midcall features for Mobile Network Operator (MNO) deployments:

  • Hold/Resume

  • Blind Transfer

The following config tags support this feature. For information on these tags, see Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Configuration Guide.





Update Location Controls for RedSky E911 Integration

A new configuration tag, %EMERGENCY_REDSKY_USER_LOCATION_PROMPTING_WXT%, lets administrators configure how often users get prompted to update their location information. By default, users will be prompted to enter their location information only when logging in at an unknown location. However, you can configure the tag such that users get prompted to update their location for every network change at an unknown location. For details on the RedSky integration, see E911 Emergency Calling with RedSky.

Control Hub Partner Analytics

Control Hub improvements make it easy for partner administrators to view and update package information on behalf of their users. This feature provides the ability for partners to get an aggregated view across all customers and includes the following details:

  • Total users by package (Softphone, Basic, Standard, Premium)

  • User by package trend (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

  • Customers with # of packages assigned

For full details on how to use Partner Analytics, see the Webex article Analytics for Webex for Wholesale and Webex for Broadworks packages in Partner Hub.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) / Call Pickup Notification

This feature leverages the Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and Directed Call Pickup features. Users in a group (for example, members of a sales team) can monitor the BLF call status of other group members and answer each other's calls. Group members receive an audio and visual indicator on the Webex App of ringing calls for other group members. In addition, they can use the Directed Call Pickup feature to answer the calls of other group members.

This feature is especially useful in situations where the group members are working remotely, or in different locations, and can't hear each other's phones ringing.

The following configuration tags are required to use this feature:

  • <busy-lamp-field enabled="%ENABLE_BUSY_LAMP_FIELD_WXT%">

  • <display-caller enabled="%ENABLE_BLF_DISPLAY_CALLER_WXT%"/>

For more details on this feature, see BLF / Call Pickup Notification in the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Solution Guide.

February 2022

Package Improvements for Standard Users

The Standard Package has been updated as follows for both new and existing users:

  • Meeting capacity is now 100 participants per meeting (for either Webex Meetings or PMR meetings)

  • Local recording is now supported for Standard users

Dark Mode Available with Advanced Branding

Advanced Branding options are expanded to include new Dark Mode customizations, which are added to the existing Light Mode customizations. Administrators can now enable users with the ability to deploy the Webex App in either Dark Mode or Light Mode and can assign logos and color schemes that are specific to the mode. The Webex App displays the appropriate color scheme and logo that is assigned to the mode that the user sets. For details, see Configure Advanced Branding Customizations.

January 2022

Restricted by Partner Mode Updates

This feature is updated with additional restrictions. In addition to the pre-existing restrictions, this feature now prevents customer administrators from editing the following Control Hub settings:

  • Organization Settings > Domains—Settings are read-only.

  • Organization Settings > Email—The Suppress Admin Invite Emails and Email Locale settings are read-only.

  • Under SERVICES the Connected UC and Migrations options are hidden.

  • Calling > Location > PSTN Connection—The Local Gateway and Cisco PSTN options are hidden.

For more detail on Restricted by Partner Mode, see the Webex for BroadWorks Solution Guide.

Coming Soon


Partner Admin APIs for managing MS Teams configuration settings at the organization level.

Features in development

Email Customization for Activation Emails

Allows partners to include their own “reply to” link in the activation emails. This is only applicable where the partner is using Webex Authentication.

This page contains important announcements for partner administrators. For example, this includes non-feature updates that can affect network connectivity.

Webex for BroadWorks Roadmap

April Roadmap and Recording are available now.

Download the reimagined Webex for BroadWorks Feature Matrix that includes Cisco AI for Webex features and links to help articles.

February Roadmap presentation and recording are available now.

Download the reimagined Webex for BroadWorks Feature Matrix that includes Cisco AI for Webex features and links to help articles.

December 01, 2023

Change to Subscriber APIs

This change is to GET and LIST Subscriber APIs for Webex for BroadWorks. The change is to the errors array parameter in the APIs listed below. This errors param contains an array of Error structures that have 2 parameters, errorCode and description. 'errorCode' parameter changes from a String to an Integer.



Action Required

Partners should review and update their code in case it does any errorCode parsing for the GET and LIST APIs by January 31, 2024.

August 31, 2023

The mTLS client certificates used by Webex for BroadWorks will transition to a new Cisco-led issuer on August 31,2023. As a result, a new CA chain of root and issuer certificates must be added to your public facing XSP/ADP or Edge proxy. The Cisco-led CA chain is published under https://bwks-uap.webex.com/assets/public/CombinedCertChain2023.txt and the Webex for Broadworks Solution Guide has been updated.

Webex Cloud is expanding and has added new IP address ranges for incoming connections to your network from the Webex Cloud. Refer to USA Ingress Rules and EMEA Ingress Rules within the Network Requirements for Webex for Cisco BroadWorks for the current list of available IP ranges and update your firewall settings accordingly by August 31, 2023 to avoid service disruptions.

February 03, 2023

New BYoPSTN DNS SRV domains have been created for Service Providers to transition to dedicated call processing proxies and will be enforced. See Bring Your Own PSTN Solution for Webex for Cisco Broadworks, under Webex Call Routing Domains section for the list of domains, and update your setup accordingly.

July 25, 2022

A new IP address range is now available for incoming connections to your network from the Webex cloud. The new range with ports 8012 (TCP) and 443 (TLS) is available for ingress connections for both USA and EMEA regions. Refer to USA Ingress Rules and EMEA Ingress Rules within the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Solution Guide for the current list of available IP ranges and update your firewall settings accordingly.

July 19, 2022

There is a minor correction to the "Internet-Facing XSP Servers" DNS configuration example in the "Architecture" topic of the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Solution Guide. Check the example and update your settings, if necessary.

July 18, 2022

Certificate requirements are updated for the Session Border Controller with the Bring Your Own PSTN Solution. You are now required to use the IdenTrust Commercial Root CA certificate. QuoVadis certificates are no longer supported. For details, see Bring Your Own PSTN Solution for Webex for Cisco BroadWorks.

June 20, 2022

Updated EMEA Egress Rules in the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Solution Guide. The updated destination URL is for the Webex Common Identity service egress connection from the NPS server. The new destination URL is https://idbroker.webex.com. Please check settings and update your network settings accordingly.

March 01, 2022

Some port requirements for network connections were updated on December 14. Make sure to check the Network Requirements for Webex Services article to ensure that your connections are still accurate.

December 03, 2021

Updated Webex Call Routing Domains for Bring Your Own PSTN—The Webex Call Routing domains were updated on October 29 in the Bring Your Own PSTN Solution for Webex for Cisco BroadWorks. Note that the previous domains still work for now, but we recommend that you update your DNS settings to point to the new domains as soon as possible.

November 19, 2021

The BroadWorks Redundancy DNS Configuration examples that appear in the Webex for Cisco BroadWorks Solution Guide are updated to provide additional clarity to Service Providers when configuring DNS for Webex Cloud Services and the Webex App. Please check the Solution Guide against your configuration to ensure that you don't run into connectivity issues in the event of a failover.