You Hear Garbled or Inconsistent Sound in Your Wireless Headset


There is sound coming through the headset but it is inconsistent or full of static.


  • Test you call device to see if the problem is in your headset or with your device.

    • Try a different headset or audio source with your call device.

    • On a Cisco IP Phone, use the handset to make a call.

  • Try these steps if you decide your headset is the source of the poor audio quality.

    • Make sure you have the most recent firmware versions on both your headset and your call device.

    • Unplug and plug in the headset cables.

    • Press and hold the Press and hold the Call button for 4 seconds to turn off the headset. Place the headset on to the base to pair with the headset.

    • Make sure that your base is not receiving interference from other DECT sources. For best call quality, make sure that your headset base is at least 3 feet (1 meter) away from another Cisco headset base.

    • Make sure that you are not taking your headset too far from the base.

You Can't Hear Sound Through Your Wireless Headset


There is little or no sound coming through your wireless headset.


  • Check the volume level on your headset.

  • Ensure that the audio output on your device is set to Cisco Headset.

    • On a Cisco IP Phone connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager: Press Applications and select Accessories.

    • On a Cisco IP Phone with Multiplatform firmware: Press Applications and select Status > Accessories.

    • On Cisco Jabber: Click Menu > Options > Audio.

    • In Cisco Webex: Click on your profile picture and selct Settings > Audio > Cisco Headset.

    • In Cisco Webex Meetings: From the Select Audio Connection drop-down list, select Cisco Headset.

  • Ensure that the headset base is plugged into a power source. The headset cannot function without its base.

  • Close any other calling soft clients.

  • Make sure that your wireless headset is paired with its base. Place the headset into the base to pair the headset and base. Make sure that the headset is properly seated. When joined, the headset and base sync automatically.

  • Check that the headset base is properly connected to your desired call device.

  • If you use your headset with a multibase, make sure that your desired call source is selected.

  • Check the battery level on your wireless headset.