How Do I Resend the Provisioning Email Notification in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)?

How do I resend the Provisioning Email Notification in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)?

Is there a process to resend the provisioning email?

Order Simplification: What happens if the provisioning contact doesn’t receive the provisioning email?

Resend Provisioning Email in CCW


The initial Provisioning email is sent to the appropriate provisioning contact listed in the order on the Requested Start Date (RSD). There is a process to resend the Provisioning Email to a Provisioning contact who can't locate the initial email. Suppose you have access to resend the email from Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). In that case, you can resend the email from CCW for subscription line(s) on your order, even beyond the RSD, until an organization is onboarded in Control Hub.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

If the provisioning contact has not received an email, please check the Spam filters or folder.

Make sure to have your IT Admin allow these email addresses, so messages don’t go to spam/junk folders:

  • Sender:

Scenario 1: If you do not have access to resend the email from CCW

Reach out to the contact who placed the order in CCW and have them follow the steps below.

Scenario 2: If you have access to resend within CCW

You can resend the provisioning email until the Point of No Return (PONR)

           PONR = Organization onboarded in Control Hub (order mapped to the organization)

Once the organization is onboarded, you cannot resend the provisioning email. Either provisioning contact or admin can complete the service set up by logging into

To resend the Provisioning email on your order:
  1. Click Resend on the Order line, next to Provisioning Contact Email.
User-added image
  1. Click Yes.
The 'Resend Confirmation' to confirm if you want to resend the email message appears:
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The  'Resend Confirmation' to confirm the Resend Email was sent successfully:
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If you face issues and are unable to resend provisioning email before PONR, then follow one or more of these steps before trying to resend again:

  • Try clearing cache and cookies in your browser.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Try incognito mode.

If you still face issues before PONR, then you may open a case with screenshots (if applicable) using the steps:

  1. Log in to Customer Service Hub Portal
  2. Search Provisioning Assistance.
  3. Click the Open a Case.
  4. Under Type of Request, select Resend Provisioning Email.
If you need to change the provisioning contact, refer to the following article: How Do I Modify the Provisioning Contact Email Address in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)?.


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