Troubleshooting Common Issues: Webex Breakout Sessions

Troubleshooting Common Issues: Webex Breakout Sessions

Break out session not available in a meeting

Unable to use the breakout session in a meeting

This article covers basic troubleshooting steps for Webex Breakout Sessions and data to gather before contacting support.

Unable to see the Breakout session option in the meeting:

Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. If the issue is affecting multiple participants, check for the Service Status.
Note: Check if the Breakout session option is available in the top menu bar.

If unable to see the Menu Bar: Click on Show Menu Bar and then look for the Breakout Sessions option.
  1. If the meeting does not have a cohost:
    • Assign a cohost role to the participant, and check if that participant sees the option for a breakout session in the menu bar. Click here to learn how to assign a cohost.
  2. Start the meeting using the Web App and check if the Breakout session option is available. Click here to learn how to start the meeting using Web App.
  3. Check if you can choose a different session type while scheduling a meeting. If not, contact the administrator to have it enabled. Click here: Contact information for the Webex site administrator.

Note: Even if Breakout sessions are enabled, the original session type may not show the option for Breakout sessions.
  1. Uninstall the meeting application, and run the Meeting Services Removal Tool or Mac Cisco Webex Uninstaller.
  • Manually download the Meeting / Event / Training application from the site where the user is trying to start or join the meeting.
    • Open your Webex site URL (example: and go to Download.
  • Contact local IT for assistance if the user needs administrative privileges to install the program.

Still having issues?

Please gather the following information and contact Webex Technical Support.
  1. How are you trying to start or join the meeting? (Meeting Application, Webex App, Web App, Mobile App, or Video Endpoint?). Click here to learn more.
  2. What is the exact error message displayed?
    • Take a Screenshot of the error message (if any).
  3. What is the Meeting / Event / Session number?
  4. What is the Webex site URL? (example:
  5. Email address of the affected user.
  6. Is the affected user the host, a panelist, or a participant?
  7. What is the Webex Meeting application version?

  1. Is the problem present at all meetings, or only at certain ones?
  2. Do the breakout sessions appear in the meeting scheduler's advanced options?
  3. When did the problem first occur?
  • Has it ever worked before? 
  • If it worked in the past, were any modifications made (OS/network/browser/user account/org settings/site upgrade)?
  1. Do you have administrative rights to install applications on the computer?

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