We can give you much better help if you go through this check list first and provide us the relevant details.

  1. Have you checked https://status.webex.com?

  2. Have you checked the known issues article ?

  3. Did you run https://mediatest.webex.com. Please attach the results.

  4. What is the name of your Board?

  5. What were you doing?

    • Video call?

    • Whiteboarding - local

    • Whiteboarding - shared live?

    • Screen share?

  6. Which space or video address did you use?

  7. Which device did you use to start the call or live share?

    • Board?

    • Desktop or laptop?

    • Mobile?

  8. When did you do this, and for how long? (remember to tell us which time zone you are in)

  9. Did you Send feedback or save logs?

  10. Please describe the issue in detail.

    For information on how to contact Cisco support, go here .