From January 2021 Board, Desk, and Room Series products are using RoomOS 10.0 and later. This change is automatic with the January 2021 software update. For DX, MX, and SX Series, see Known and Resolved Issues for RoomOS 9 article .

For a list of new capabilities that have been added, see What's New in RoomOS .

Read more about RoomOS softtware upgrades .

Resolved Issues

You can find the fixed customer found caveats on this bug search tool .

Use your user ID and password to log in, and search for a specific product and software version. You can find a list of RoomOS releases in this article.

For the RoomOS version, use the format RoomOS release version release ID, for example: RoomOS cb29a94f145.

Resolved Issues in RoomOS 10 July 2022 (RoomOS f60d4725939)

  • CSCwc46305 - AGC turns on when changing Music mode even though AGC has been set to off.

  • CSCwb69126 - RoomOS software information disclosure vulnerability.

To find out which issues were resolved in previous RoomOS releases, read this article .

Known Issues

  • We made some improvements to the display identity on our devices. This may cause some laptops to identify the display differently and change display settings. Changing the display settings back on the laptop should address this and will be a one time occurrence.

  • Room Navigator may hang when booting up. To fix this, you need to factory reset the Room Navigator. Remove the foot and use a paper clip (or similar) to press and hold the recessed reset button until the screen turns black (approximately 10 seconds). Then release the button.

  • In Companion Mode, both the Webex Board and Touch 10 notify that the board will go into standby mode and clean the board. However it’s only possible to stop the clean-up from the Webex Board. Tapping the Touch 10 won’t stop the board from going into standby.

  • If the device fails to get an IP address through DHCP when configuring 802.1x, the last configured IP address shows up as the IP address although the device has no network connection. At the same time, the Touch 10 controller and on-screen display home screens show a message about missing network.

  • When 802.1x is configured, the configuration isn’t applied immediately. Instead, the system tells that no network is connected until the WPA supplicant has been updated. It can take up to 30 seconds to see the change. Workaround: Wait for the 802.1x authorization to finish or make sure that 802.1x is configured correctly.


  • Cloud-registered Webex devices have an internal 30 minute timeout setting, after which they will disconnect from a meeting if no participants have joined. It's not possible to override this behaviour, and the Control Hub setting 'Automatically end meetings if there is only one participant' does not impact it.

RoomOS 10 Releases

  • RoomOS 10 August 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS f60d4725939

  • RoomOS 10 July 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS ab490d5db06

  • RoomOS 10 June 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS 1d075d92585

  • RoomOS 10 May 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS 10270456893

  • RoomOS 10 April 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS caa98bba5fb

  • RoomOS 10 March 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS dd7ec0ed589

  • RoomOS 10 February 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS 3cf63babf2a

  • RoomOS 10 January 2022

    Release ID: RoomOS 28d904d97dc

  • RoomOS 10 December 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS aa47f0c7e61

  • RoomOS 10 November 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS fb66b80147e

  • RoomOS 10 October 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS e60514b8abc

  • RoomOS 10 September 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS 05b751884cf

  • RoomOS 10 August 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS 20a28080ecd

  • RoomOS 10 June 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS e8cbc758d40

  • RoomOS 10 May 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS 85ff0a04877

  • RoomOS 10 April 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS a911d5664c8

  • RoomOS 10 April 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS f0afa85eef9

  • RoomOS 10 March 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS 886f017f09c

  • RoomOS 10 February 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS bd0d2b72f94

  • RoomOS 10 January 2021

    Release ID: RoomOS e54a985715f