To create a Conversation Profile:


Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with your Google account and do the following:

a. Create a Google Cloud project. A Google Cloud project organizes all your Google Cloud resources. For details on how to create a project, see

b. After creating a project, take note of the project ID. You share this project ID with the Cisco representative at step 3 to create the Google Cloud Service Account. For details on how to get the project ID, see Identifying Projects.

c. Enable the beta features for the agent, by clicking the Settings button next to the agent name in the left pane and toggle the Enable the beta features and APIs button.

d. Create a knowledge base. A knowledge base is a collection of documents from which suggestions are extracted and displayed in the Agent Answers gadget. For details on how to create a knowledge base, see


Create a Conversation profile using the Agent Assist UI. A Conversation profile is used to configure agents and connected services for the agent. For details, see Create a Conversation profile.


Share the project ID (from step 1-b) and the email address (used to sign in to GCP) with your Cisco representative to create a Google Cloud Service Account.

Your Google Cloud project's usage is charged to this Service Account. For details, see

Following the Service Account creation, a notification email with the Google Cloud Service Account ID and Project Name is sent to your email address (used to sign in to GCP).

What to do next

Configure the Google CCAI connector. For more information, see the article Configure Google Contact Center AI Connector.