The CCAI configuration leverages the Google CCAI Connector to invoke the CCAI service on your conversation profiles or knowledge bases.

This connector is only available to Unified CCE, Packaged CCE, HCS-CC, and Webex CCE customers with Contact Center AI powered by Google Cloud subscription.

Before you begin


Log in to the customer organization using the URL and navigate to Services > Contact Center > Features.

The configured cards appear on the Features page. A default Webex CCAI Config card also appears on the page.


Click New > CCAI Config.


Enter a name that identifies the feature that the configuration uses (for example, Configuration for Agent Answer).


Enter a meaningful description.


Select a Google Contact Center AI connector from the drop-down list.


Only active connectors are listed in the drop-down list.


Enter the Google Conversation Profile ID of the Google Cloud knowledge base.


You can get the profile ID from the Google Cloud Platform. To copy the auto-generated Google Conversation Profile ID, go to the Agent Assist UI project and click the square shaped icon next to the Integration ID.


Choose any one or both the options to set the cofiguration as default:

  • Apply as default for Agent Answer—Set this as a default configuration in your solution for all calls that use the Agent Answer services.


    By default, this option is already set in the Webex CCAI Config card.

    This step does not apply if you are configuring the Agent Answers or Call Transcription feature on Unified CCE, Packaged CCE, or HCS for CC 12.5.

  • Apply as default for Virtual Agent—Set this configuration as a default in your solution for all conversations that use Virtual Agent (that includes ASR, TTS, and NLU) services.


If another card is already set as default, a dialog box appears to confirm if you like to override the previous configuration.


Click Save

You receive a confirmation message once the configuration is successfully saved. The configured card, with a CCAI label on it, appears on the Features page.

What to do next

You need to associate the configuration with all call types or a specific call type on Unified CCE, Packaged CCE, HCS-CC, and Webex CCE. For more information, see the Administration Guide for Unified CCE.