Troubleshooting Common Issues for Sharing Content in a Webex Meeting

Troubleshooting Common Issues for Sharing Content in a Webex Meeting

Unable to share screen or application in the Webex Meeting

The share option is greyed out

Unable to share content in my meeting

This article covers basic troubleshooting steps for sharing content in Webex Meetings and data to gather before contacting support.

Unable to Share Screen / Application in a Webex Meeting

Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. If the issue is affecting multiple participants, check for Service Status.
  2. Check that the Share option is available and not greyed out in the meeting.
  • Check if the user has the presenter role. Click here to learn how to pass the presenter role.
    • Check if Participant > Anyone Can Share is enabled.
  1. Search for the error message on . If you find an article on the same issue, follow the instructions outlined in the article.
  2. Uninstall the meeting application. Run the Meeting Services Removal Tool or Mac Cisco Webex Uninstaller.
  • Manually download the Meeting / Event / Training application from the site where the user is trying to start or join the meeting. Open your Webex site URL (example: and go to Download.
  • If the user does not have administrative privileges to install the program, contact local IT for assistance.
  1. If you are using a VPN connection/proxy, try to start or join the meeting after disabling the VPN connection/proxy. See following: How Do I Reset the Browser Proxy Settings Using the Command Prompt.
  2. Try on a separate device connected to the same network.
    • If the problem happens on another device, try a different platform on the same network (for example, macOS, Windows 10/11, mobile OS).
    • Try it on a different network (for example, connect your device to a mobile hotspot or router).
      • If the problem is network-related, contact your local IT and share these articles: WBX264 / WBX000028782.
Still having issues?

Please gather the following information and contact Webex Technical Support.
  1. How are you trying to start or join the meeting? (Meeting Application, Webex App, Web App, Mobile App, or Video Endpoint?). Click here to learn more.
  2. Are you sharing the entire screen or specific applications?
  • If you are sharing an application, what is the name of the application?
  1. Do you have an external monitor connected to your computer?
  • If yes, how many monitors are connected, and which screen are you trying to share?
  • Are you having issues sharing all the screens or a specific monitor screen?
  • Does the issue occur even when the external monitor is disconnected?
  1. What is the exact error message displayed?
  • Take a screenshot of the error message (if any).
  1. What is the Meeting / Event / Session number?
  2. What is the Webex site URL? (example:
  3. Scope of the issue:
  • How many users are impacted?
  • Are the impacted users working in the same workplace or linked to the same network?
  1. Email address of the affected user(s).
  2. What is the Webex Meeting application version?

  1. When did the problem first appear?
  • Has it ever worked before?
  • If it worked in the past, were any changes made (OS/network/browser/user account/org settings/site upgrade)?
  1. What operating system and browser are being used?
  1. Do you have administrative rights to install applications on the computer?

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