Availability of Connectors in Contact Center Solutions

  • Webex Contact Center platform supports Salesforce, Google, Google CCAI, Webex Experience Management, and Custom connectors.

  • Webex Contact Center 1.0 platform supports Salesforce and Custom connectors.

Edit a Connector


Log in to your customer organization at https://admin.webex.com and navigate to Services > Contact Center > Connectors.


Click the connector name that appears on the card.


To refresh the Google Contact Center AI connector authentication key, click Refresh Key and reauthenticate with Google. Ensure that you disable the Pop-up Blocker on your browser.


You must first deactivate a connector before you can edit fields in the Credentials section. Click Deactivate and confirm.


When you deactivate a connector, the scripts that are currently in execution may work for some time if the credentials are valid.

After you deactivate a connector, you can either reactivate, edit, or delete the connector.
  • Edit the fields as required and click Reactivate.

    • You cannot modify the Connector ID.

    • You must reauthenticate the Google Contact Center AI connector with Google.

  • Click Delete to delete the connector.


    You cannot delete the Google Contact Center AI connector if there is a CCAI Config associated with it.