The User Profile icon is displayed at the top-right corner of your Desktop.

When you click the User Profile icon, the following information is displayed:

  • Profile Picture


The sign in options – Dial Number, Extension, and Desktop – are displayed based on the provisioning options set by the administrator for your organization.

The Desktop option is applicable only if you are using WebRTC as a calling capability.

The User Profile icon shows a warning indicator (!) if voice is disconnected when you sign in using the Desktop option. Click the warning indicator to view more information about the connection error.

  • Username

  • Profile Settings: The following options appear in the Profile Settings section:

    • Telephony: View or edit the dial number, extension, or desktop calling. Switch to a different telephony option, if you encounter any issues with desktop calling. For instructions on how to change the dial number or extension, see Change your dial number or extension.
    • Team: View or edit the current team to which you are associated. For details on how to edit the team settings, see Change your team in Agent Desktop.
  • Collaboration tool-Microsoft Teams—Displays the status of the collaboration tool and presence synchronization. This is applicable if your administrator has enabled Microsoft Teams connector and presence synchronization for your organization.
  • Channel Capacity: The number of contacts you can handle simultaneously on each media platform. To view more details on your channel capacity, see View your channel capacity.

  • User Settings: The following options appear in the User Settings section:
    • Notification Settings: Configuration for displaying desktop notifications and alerts. For instructions on how to set up and manage notifications, see Set up and manage your notifications.

    • Reset Entire Desktop Layout: Restore your administrator's default desktop layout view.

  • Switch to Dark Mode: The toggle button for enabling or disabling Desktop's dark background theme. The dark mode option is preserved until the browser cache is cleared.

  • Speaker and Microphone: The option to control and test the caller and microphone volume. For instructions on how to change the speaker and microphone settings, see Change your speaker and microphone settings.
  • Help: The following options appear in the Help section:
    • Test Your Network: The option to test your network if you are using Desktop as a calling capability. For instructions on how to test your network, see the article Test your network.
  • Sign Out: Sign out from Desktop.