The Wholesale Route-to-Market (RTM) is a strategic channel solution that is designed to bring Webex to the SMB segment by leveraging the market power of Service Providers around the world.

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This article is intended for Service Provider administrators that manage Wholesale RTM on behalf of your customers. For end-user features, see What's New in Webex.

For technical documentation, see the Wholesale Route to Market Knowledge Portal.

March 2023

We will release information on new features as they become available.

February 2023

Partner SSO Enhancement Options

Add support for oAuth/OpenID Connect IDP to the Partner SSO options. This is in addition to the currently supported SAML IDP.

Webex for Broadworks to Wholesale Automated Migration Tools

A set of tools to allow for partners to automate the migration of customers, users, services, and devices from their Webex for BroadWorks offer to Wholesale.

Support for multiple shared lines - Windows and Mac

Answer calls from any of your shared lines and choose any line to make calls from within the app. Your administrator must set you up with shared lines and you can see your primary line and up to nine shared lines. For more information, see: Webex App | Multiple lines

January 2023

Broadworks to Wholesale Automated Migration Tools

A set of tools to allow partners to automate the migration of customers, users, services, and devices from their BroadWorks platform to Wholesale.

December 2022

Sub Partner Model

Allows for Sub-Partners to be Onboarded manually and for the parent partner to generate billing reports for their sub-partners.

Display both Primary phone number and extension for a user

Webex App displays both Phone number and extension in user profile, contact cards, and calling actions.

Unified Call History

Incoming calls originating from a call queue, hunt group, or exe assistant will be clearly displayed in the call history.

Shared Line Appearance

Users can make and receive calls and use most mid-call features on any line they are configured to use.

Call Queue Login/Logout Native on Webex Mobile Apps

Agents can quickly set the status and join queues available to them.

November 2022

Noise Removal for PSTN Calls

This feature lets Webex callers cancel any noise coming from external callers with the click of an icon in the calling window enhancing the call experience and allowing for clear communications.

Room OS Support

This solution enables Room OS Webex devices (shared and personal) to register to both Webex Cloud and calling with a single activation code, imparting additional SIP connectivity to Room OS devices. The solution combines optimized meeting experiences with SIP calling. The solution enhances the Room OS calling experience, letting you make PSTN calls from your Room OS device along with telephony features such as hold, conference, and transfer. Device support includes the current Room OS portfolio (Room and Room Kit series, Desk series, and Board series). Also, enhanced serviceability options let administrators service the Room OS device from Control Hub directly. Administrators can open a view that includes device status information along with options to reboot the device remotely or send a problem report for troubleshooting.

October 2022

Check for Denied and restricted persons

For compliance, provisioning automatically checks to see if the customer appears on a restricted or denied persons list from the US department of commerce.

August 2022

Pre-provisioning System Check

Run this API before provisioning to ensure that provisioning succeed with no issues. The API checks the customer setup and highlights potential issues such as domain issues and email issues, before you provision customers and subscribers.

Support Language Locales

During provisioning, the language that was assigned in BroadWorks to the first provisioned administration user gets assigned automatically as the default locale for that customer organization. This setting determines the default language used for activation emails, meetings, and meeting invites under that customer organization.

Webex Voice Only Package

The new Webex Voice Only Package provides a phone calling package with a similar level of support as the Flex 3.0 Professional package. Support includes basic calling, voicemail, and RedSky E911 integration, but does not include meetings, messaging, or Contact Center. Supported devices include the Webex App in softphone mode, MPP devices, and third-party phones.

July 2022

Partner Read-only Administrator

This new role provides users in a partner organization with read-only access to Partner Hub settings, and to Control Hub settings for customer organizations that the partner manages. However, the administrator does not have edit access to either portal. This role helps in situations where a user may need basic access for tasks such as viewing analytics or upsell opportunities. However, their role does not require them to manage settings.

Wholesale Setup Assist

The Wholesale Setup Assist service is a customer onboarding service assistance offered by Cisco to its partners. It is ordered for specific customer locations and delivered via two new wholesale SKU: Setup Assist Express and Setup Assist Standard. The specific SKU that is used for an order is selected automatically based on the quantity of users provided by the partner for that location (see below). The process also updates the partner's billing reconciliation report automatically so that partners can bill their customers appropriately.

Following are the two Wholesale Setup Assist SKUs along with their respective pricing model*:


SKU is used for...



Location with five users or less

$30 per location (flat rate)


Location with more than five users

$15 per user per location

*: These are net transfer prices to the partner. The list prices will be different (higher) based on the Wholesale partner discounts.

June 2022

SPAM Call Indicator

A STIR-SHAKEN back end monitors incoming calls and warns you when an incoming call is suspected SPAM, or is from a known SPAM identity. There are three possible alert types that may appear on Webex desktop and mobile apps as part of the Caller ID in the incoming call notification and call history:

  • Verified caller

  • Possible spam

  • Potential fraud

For more information, see Spam or fraud call indication in Webex Calling.

Voicemail Transcription

Wholesale RTM users are able to view transcripts of their voicemail messages as part of the Visual Voicemail view in their desktop and mobile apps.

For information on this feature, see Voicemail transcription for Webex Calling.

For information on configuring voicemail, see Configure and manage voicemail settings for a Webex Calling user.

May 2022

MPP Device Support

This solution lets Webex-capable MPP devices connect to Webex and access Webex services. The solution provides a consistent and intuitive user experience across the Webex App and MPP Phones for Wholesale RTM users. This feature serves as a cloud connectivity stepping stone with planned features such as Unified Contacts, Call History, and Presence.

Also, enhanced serviceability options let administrators service the MPP device from Control Hub directly. Administrators can open a view that includes device status information along with options to reboot the device remotely or send a problem report for troubleshooting.

For information about onboarding new MPP devices, see Webex Features Available on Cisco MPP Devices.

April 2022

Wholesale Route to Market: Phase Two

The list of package offers is now expanded to include the following two offers. These packages are added to the Webex Calling and Common Area Calling packages, both of which were included in the intial offer.

  • Webex Suite—Webex Suite is the most feature rich package that includes all capabilities of the Webex Calling package, all user and groups services, Webex messaging, and the full Webex Meetings product for up to 1000 participants. This package will appeal to the senior/professional level within the company with heavy calling and large meeting requirements.

  • Webex Meetings—The Webex Meetings package is a standalone meetings package that includes Webex Messaging, and Webex Meetings for up to 1000 participants. This package does not include a calling seat. It is intended for those users who only want a meetings and messaging capability that is not associated with their calling behavior.

User Creation and Package Management from Partner Hub

Partner Hub is updated with new user interface controls that let Wholesale partners provision and manage customer organizations from Partner Hub directly. For details, see Wholesale Route to Marker Solution Guide.

February 2022

Introducing Wholesale Route To Market (RTM)

The Wholesale Route-to-Market (RTM) is a strategic channel solution designed to bring Webex to the SMB segment by leveraging the market power of Service Providers around the world. It is backed by Cisco's innovative technology and deep collaboration expertise. It is comprised of a new operations model, new commercials and new partner programs.

The Wholesale platform delivers operations APIs and Partner Portal innovations that make high-volume, high-velocity transactions possible, while making it easy for partners to create differentiated, cobranded offers in market with their own products.

The new Wholesale commercial strategy facilitates the 35M BroadWorks users to move to the Webex cloud with predictable, fixed, per-user per-month packaging and monthly billing in arrears. A single commercial relationship with each SP is the anchor for all of their end customers, greatly simplifying workflows.

The Wholesale partner programs address both the Service Provider technical and business goals. Cisco's Managed Onboarding Program is designed with two parallel work-streams: Technical Onboarding and Go-to-Market. Dedicated Cisco experts, paired with comprehensive online partner trainings and a robust set of migration and marketing toolkits assure the onboarding experience exceeds expectations.

The Wholesale offer is Webex and comes in 4 packages: Common Area Calling, Webex Calling, Webex Suite and Webex Meetings.

For details, see Wholesale Route to Market Solution Guide.

March 2023

Webex Wholesale Information in Customer List

For partners who have multiple offers in the market (flex and Wholesale) they will be able to easily identify which offer each customer has in the customer list in the Control Hub.

Cross Region Support for Sub-Partners

Enables partner to have sub-partners in different geographic regions from their own.


Webex Meetings Integration on MPP 8800 Series

This feature integrates the MPP 8800 series phones with Webex Meetings capabilities. These Webex Meetings features are introduced on MPP:

  • Ability to join Webex Meeting via MPP by clicking on the meeting join button.

  • Ability to join the meeting from Meeting Menu at any time while the meeting is in progress.

  • Telephony functions like hold, conference, and transfer are disabled while in meeting.

  • Ability to view participants in the meeting.

April 2023

New – SMB Administration Portal (Simple Admin View)

New admin portal experience designed specifically for small and medium businesses. This new portal provides a simplified and streamlined user experience for administrators who do not need all the complexity of Control Hub.

Country Specific call-in number for Webex Meetings

The provisioning API will automatically set a default Dial In number which matches the country defined in the API payload.

Hot Desking Support for MPP 8875, MPP8800 Series, & Room OS devices

Hot desking allows organizations to make the best use of office space by having employees sign in and book a shared device for their workday.

It gives users the benefits of a personal meeting device, including meeting notifications 5 minutes before the start time. Notifications originate from the user's personal calendar, and they join their meetings with One Button to Push. Hot desking includes the standard Webex Meeting features, such as a personal whiteboard. Users can start a Personal Room meeting from Join Webex, and they get control over the meetings that they host.

Features in development

We will release information on features in development as they become available.