January Release


Cisco Jabber Analytics Data

Analytics data is now available for Jabber if your organization has:

  • On-premises Jabber with full Unified Communications.

  • On-premises Jabber with Instant Messaging-only.

  • On-premises Jabber with Phone-only.

  • Jabber with Webex Messenger.

You must also complete the configurations below so Jabber data is sent to Control Hub. The date for Jabber data in Control Hub starts once these configurations are complete. Jabber data doesn’t backfill.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that show at the top of the Jabber Analytics page to help you better understand Jabber adoption in your organization are:

  • Active Users.

  • Total Messages Sent.

  • Total Calls.

  • Screen Sharing.

Each of these KPIs show a trending percentage from the previous time period.

There are charts that show you a daily, weekly or monthly trend for total active users, total messages sent, total call minutes, and number of active users that made a call. You can also view a breakdown of:

  • Jabber client versions used.

  • Operating systems.

  • Chat types used.

  • Video call screen resolutions.

  • Audio or video calls made.

  • Connections made in or outside the organization's network.

This data helps you see how often Jabber is being used and helps you create reports.

Calendar Date Selector for Messaging and Devices

You can now use a calendar date selector to view data within a specific time frame for Messaging and Devices Analytics. The amount of data you have access to depends on the type of customer you are. If you're a standard customer, you have access to 3 months of data. If you're a Pro Pack customer, you have access to 13 months of data.

The KPIs in the Messaging and Devices tabs are fixed and don't change when you select a specific time frame. All other charts below the KPIs update based on the date you select.

Webex Edge for Devices Support

You can now see data for on-premises devices on release ID: RoomOS 2019-12-16 285a7f8edd1 or higher that linked to Webex Edge for Devices. Devices Analytics shows you a breakdown of how many devices have been used for calls, whiteboarding, and digital signage.

For more information about linking on-premises devices to the Webex cloud, see the Webex Edge for Devices White Paper.

Webex Meetings Inactive Users Report

You can now generate Webex Meetings Inactive Users Reports in Analytics. This report shows you a list of users who haven't hosted or attended Webex Meetings for a specific time period. You can use this report to help you see why those users haven't been using Webex Meetings, and what you can do to help them use it more.

For more information on all of these new features, see Analytics for Your Cloud Collaboration Portfolio.


Thin Clients and Mobile Devices Support

You can now see rich troubleshooting data for users who join Webex meetings through thin clients or mobile devices.

These are the minimum Webex Meetings versions required in order to see troubleshooting data from users who join through thin clients and mobile devices. If the devices don't meet these requirements, then only packet loss and latency data are available.


Minimum Webex Meetings Version

Mobile Devices


Thin Clients


For more information, see Advanced Diagnostics and Troubleshooting in Control Hub.

Coming Soon

We're sharing details about our planned releases, but keep in mind that we might need to make changes to release dates and the features themselves. You can subscribe to this article to get updated about any changes.

Additional Devices Support in Analytics

We're adding Analytics data support for Cisco Webex Desk Pro and Cisco Webex Room Panorama devices. You can see how these new Webex devices are being leveraged in your organization to help drive adoption and create reports on their usage.

Tracking Codes Added to Webex Attendee and Webex Meeting Reports

We're adding tracking codes to the existing Webex Attendee and Webex Meeting reports so you can see a breakdown of Webex services being used.

True Forward Reports

We're adding True Forward reports to Analytics, which lets you see the number of extra licenses you've used in your organization to help with budgeting during your next annual review.

3rd Party Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Devices Support in Diagnostics

We're expanding Diagnostics support to include 3rd party SIP devices.