Here are just some of the calling features at your fingertips:

  • Call Hold—You can put an active call on hold and then resume the call when you're ready. If it's a video call, your video is turned off while the call is on hold.

  • Conference Call—You can talk with several people in a single call. You can dial another person and add them to the call. If you have multiple phone lines, you can join two calls across two lines.

  • Call Transfer—You can transfer a call to someone else in your organization. When you transfer a call, you can stay on the original call until the other person answers. This way, you can talk privately with the other person before you remove yourself from the call.

  • Call Forward—You can forward incoming calls to one of your other numbers (for example, to your home or mobile phone). You can forward calls from any line on your phone to another number. Call forward is phone-line specific. If a call reaches you on a line where call forwarding is not enabled, the call rings as usual.

  • Call Pull—You can move a call from your app on one device to another. For example, you take a call on your mobile app while you're on your way to work. When you arrive at the office, you can pull the call from your mobile app to your desktop app and continue the conversation there.

  • Voicemail—Your Call History shows you how many voicemail messages you have waiting. You can listen to your messages any time from your desktop and mobile app but your desktop app gives you a few different ways to access them. You can also create a personal greeting and customize your voicemail settings from Webex Settings.

  • Do Not Disturb—You can let callers know not to bother you when you're busy.

  • Call Park and Retrieve (desktop app only)—You can park a call and pick up the call from another device.

  • Call History—You can see who you spoke to recently, making it easier to call them back, if necessary. You'll see numbers that you've called directly from the Webex Calling app and Webex. If someone calls you, even if you missed it, you'll see the call here.

  • Office Anywhere—If enabled on your desktop and other phones, all phones and devices ring when you get a call, so you don't miss a call if you step away from your desk, for example.

You can only sign into the phone service on one calling app at a time. For example, you can't sign into the phone service on both the Webex Calling app and Webex at the same time. If you're using the Webex Calling app and sign into Webex, the phone service in the Webex Calling app is disconnected.

Audio/Video Settings

You can choose output and input devices for your headset and speakers and toggle between them depending on your audio and video needs at the time. You can also choose your ring tone, your video device, and the size of your video.